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Mattress By Appointment Reviews

Barbara Phillips

I have to give the business very good ratings. I purchased very quality mattress at affordable price. He went above and beyond to ensure my sleep was better. Very knowledgeable about products and I'm sleeping better. My back and body is no longer aching once I climb out of bed. I almost forgot just how bad my body would be hurting. I've been sleeping sound since February. I'm looking to purchasing more items in the near future. Thanks again for your help!!!

Felicia Cushionberry

I am extremely happy with the services that Mattress By Appointment has provided for me. The Sales Representative, Mr. Cheatham, was patient, kind, and responsible. He explained everything very well. I would recommend Mattress By Appointment to whomever is looking to buy mattresses. I only have one complaint about the mattress: It makes it 10 times harder to get out of bed in the mornings. It's by far the most comfortable mattress I've ever experienced!

Markel Frazier

I got great mattress at great price. Roy gave me great service as well. Go see him, he will take care you.