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Mattress By Appointment Reviews

Adam Watts

When my wife first told me about this place I was a bit skeptical. She had done some research and said it was legit. All I could think was I need to make an appointment, who does that, what kind of business makes me schedule an appointment? Well I'm here to tell you it was the best appointment ever. This operation is run by a husband and wife team, we dealt with Jason who was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. There are 2 things I don't like purchasing, 1 is a used car and 2 is a mattress. For some odd reason I always feel dirty after both of these purchases, it's as if I know I got swindled even though they told me I got a great deal. Well, this time I finally felt like I got a great deal. Jason helped to make our selection the right mattress for us. He didn't try to steer us to the big money mattress, he listened to what my wife's and my needs were and then was able to make a recommendation that matched both of us. We left there feeling great. Usually that's where it all ends, but for us we were given great customer service after our purchase. We had the bed delivered and found a bit of a snag on the top of the mattress. Our mattress was replaced with one that did not have a snag. My wife tends to be a bit particular, and Jason was so accommodating by switching it out for us. On a side note, and this is not a knock against mattress by appointment, it is a warning to all people like myself who don't read the normal size print on their invoice. For a King size bed purchase you will need to be home to help the driver carry the mattress to a 2nd floor if that's where it is going. Even with that, the driver was courteous and even waited 15-20 minutes for me to run home and help. Again, I cannot stress enough about the customer service here. For me that's where it is at. You give me a great deal and make me feel like I am the reason you are in business and you have made a customer for life. I would recommend this place to anyone on a budget, or who does not want to pay that insane markup at the retailers. I would recommend Mattress by Appointment to anyone who does not want to be pressured into what to buy, and who is looking for someone that is actually knowledgeable on the products they sell. I actually had a sales person at a national chain mattress store tell me a mattress was delicious.... None of that nonsense here, just facts and knowledge passed on to us, no bs buzzwords. Thank you Jason for your help and for the amazing service we received. I can't wait to come back for my next purchase. We have also recommended you to everyone we know! Folks this place is a rare gem, service, price, and knowledge, that's why I give them 5 stars. In this day and age of if it's too good to be true it it probably is, Mattress By Appointment is just that good and it's true!